This is the site of yurinohana, a small yuri circle focused on creating sweet, sometimes more seductive stories all about the wonderful love shared between girls. The first work, Summer Romance (part of the Seasonal Romance series) is in progress. Keep your eyes peeled for it as well as future works. As a quick note, there may occasionally be stories of a more taboo nature. In those cases, appropriate disclaimers will be made. With that all said, it will be so beyond exciting to share stories with the yuri-loving world! - yurinohana




02/25/22: The incest oneshot erotica is on hold, as it turns out I've been making very steady progress writing Summer Romance. I'm very excited to share the story with everyone as soon as I'm able.

10/06/21: Progress on writing Summer Romance is slower than I'd like, but in the meantime I'm working on a big sister/little sister smut oneshot story that has been rattling around in my mind recently. Look forward to it!